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White Chip again.

I quit this blog 2 years ago with a story on how specific people involved in AA ruined my life. I don’t take back a bit of it, to be honest, because it did. Oddly enough, I received a couple of comments regarding me as a special snowflake. Even odder, I didn’t get it until … Continue reading

How AA Ruined My Life.

They’re always in basements or someplace like a basement. A poorly decorated room with blaring fluorescent bulbs and plastic chairs sitting in a circle. I kept my head down even though I saw some people I knew. They started with a prayer. A prayer about asking god the power to grant them the power to … Continue reading

Yeah, but that’s like everything I love.

It’s not like I destroyed my family, or killed a kid while drinking.  Or even got so physically addicted that I was downing beers in the morning, or counting the minutes until I can get my next fix.  No, I had alot of fun.  I made some OK friends, had some sloppy sex, and stumbled … Continue reading


For a long time I looked at my alcoholism as an entity of evil outside of myself.  An enemy that I could outwit, and conquer.  As if I were St. George on my stead, lance in hand, valiantly galloping towards the ferocious dragon or St. Micheal, flaming sword raised in righteousness against the demon named … Continue reading


Another weekend, and I spent last night alone watching movies.  The biggest catalyst for relapse, and worse side-effect from sober living is loneliness.  Loneliness, and boredom.  Because of this alcohol culture we live in, everyone goes out on Friday nights, and no one understands that the last place I should be is a bar, and … Continue reading

“Run, Bitch.”

The gun was small with a narrow barrel and rectangular body.  It was black, dull and dirty in the street light on the corner near my house.  He held it at waist, hiding it from the party on the porch across the street, pointing it towards me while he grabbed for my phone strapped to … Continue reading


It’s been 36 days since I last had a drink.  36 days of repairing my relationship, realigning my goals, and taking positive actions for myself.  Within that time, I moved into a house with two of the best room mates imaginable, Fixed my BMW up to a point that it won’t need repairs for a … Continue reading

Born yesterday

Every time I quite, about 30 days in, I feel like I was literally born yesterday.  Everything I knew about myself is questioned, every motive reconsidered, every decision thought out, every plan executed with an entirely different goal than before.  I have to reexamine the relationships I’m in, intimate and otherwise, and determine if each … Continue reading

Another go!

I haven’t written in this blog since in several years, but recently I came across a blog that pointed out the finer details of what to do when your friend is a recovering alcoholic entitled: How Not to Be a Dick to Your Recovering Alcoholic Friend.  It made some very good points that I had … Continue reading